The Obstacle Is The Journey

The Obstacle Is The Journey

Life is hard. It's full of challenges, barriers, arduous climbs and humbling falls. Sometimes we can see obstacles coming and prepare, others just appear out of the ether and hop on without regard of our ability to handle them. The decision to start this blog was a huge obstacle for me. What if no one reads it? What if someone does read it and thinks it's terrible? I mean, it's not like anonymous commenters on the internet ever say mean things right? This was probably even more true two thousand years ago when the Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius explored this line of thinking in his own diary (at least he didn't have internet trolls to worry about). We are presented with obstacles every day, some take a few minutes to overcome, some stay with us for a lifetime.

One of those lifetime obstacles is fitness, of the physical and mental variety. Everyone has an idea of what being fit means, and I would wager most people know how to get fit. Eat healthy foods, exercise and manage stress and presto! You're in shape! Easier said than done, as we all know. Life's obstacles love to throw themselves in our way and make it hard to select a healthy food choice, they make it hard to workout consistently, they make it hard to stop, take a few deep breaths and appreciate the people (not the things) in our lives that makes life worth living.

Fitness as a lifetime obstacle isn't something to be afraid of though, rather it's  something to embrace. To explore and dive deep into the nooks and crannies and extract all the marrow that a strong, resilient and fit body and mind can handle whatever life throws at you.

Health and fitness is about so much more than what you look like on the outside. It's what you eat, it's how, and how much, you move, it's the relationships you have (or don't), it's your ability to handle stress. Fitness is the sum of the the choices and decisions you make every single day, compounded over your lifetime. Every day is a chance improve, to choose better, to take action and make this version of yourself better than yesterday. Let's embrace the obstacle and get better together.

Photo by Kaspar Allenbach on Unsplash
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