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Welcome to Tar Heel Training, where my goal is to help you, dear reader, to become a better you through education about topics such as exercise, nutrition, stress management and basically anything that improves your quality of life.

First of all, let's talk about what this blog IS NOT going to do.

* Promote a culture of overnight transformation, four minute abs or a three minute butt. Whenever you see such ridiculous claims chances are you are being sold a bogus idea or product, being lied to, and the most likely scenario, both. Overpriced promises and uninspiring results have unfortunately become closely associated with the fitness industry.

* The idea that fitness, athletic performance and mental well being are "easy" to obtain. There is nothing easy about grinding out your last set of heavy squats, or sprint repeats, or taking the time to meditate each day when the rest of the world wants to turn your down time into work time. Like any good story, the hero must overcome the obstacles and challenges laid before them to achieve success. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward.

Now let's talk about the fun stuff, the reason I, and hopefully you, are here.

* Practical, useful and actionable information for you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. We'll cover resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, flexibility and mindfulness just to name a few. Health and fitness aren't confined to the gym, the choices you make from waking up until you got to bed impact your well being, let's make the best choices together.

* An educational resource for like minded individuals who want to perform at their peak, physically and mentally.

* A trusted source of information coming from a professional with years of experience training and teaching hundreds of clients.