One Of Those Days

Yesterday was supposed to be awesome. I was planning to attend yoga class, do some heavy back squats, spend some time outside in the beautiful Spring weather we're having. It was all there, staring back at me in my planner, waiting patiently for me to will it into existence, then my phone rang.

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Z's daycare called to let me know she was feeling ill and was attempting to make herself throw up in a trashcan. The mental image of a 4 year old attempting to make herself puke isn't something I had ever thought of before that moment, it proved to be mildly amusing yet gross simultaneously. I whisked her away back to the comfort of home and realized my well laid plans were going into the trash. Frustration crept in as I had to reschedule my client, get my shift at the gym covered and alter my workout since I would be doing it from home now instead of the gym. Then my wife texted me and explained the contents of her stomach were now ejected in a toilet via the same path it came in and she was coming home too. At least I'm not sick yet, I thought to myself.

My awesome day was quickly dissolving into a morass of gross bodily excrements. I tried to play with Z, but she wasn't really feeling it. She just wanted to lay around play games on her tablet, my frustration swelled. The solution? A workout, the punishing, intense kind that leaves you gasping for air and makes you wonder why you do this to yourself. The kind where you can't slack off because that would just prolong the agony. Here's the workout.

Barbell circuit consisting of 5 reps for each movement for 5 rounds, with a 30 second rest between rounds. Don't let the barbell though the ground until it's time for burpees. I loaded my barbell to 105 lbs and got started.

5 Romanian deadlifts

5 Hang cleans

5 Push press

5 Back squats

5 Reverse lunges each leg

5 Over the bar burpees

5 Pull ups

It very well sucked, as previously mentioned. However I find that doing the hardest workouts on days where you are emotionally charged, for good or bad, are the best to way to channel that energy.

After roughly 15 minutes of unbridled suck, I lied in the shadow of a Maple tree unable to do much more than inhale and exhale as deeply as possible. That's when the feeling comes. The feeling of the juice being worth the squeeze. Anyone who works out know the feeling. Physical exhaustion mixed with psychological satisfaction of completing a daunting task. My day didn't go as planned, but it was awesome anyway.