Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a biomarker of performance, health and longevity. The science behind HRV has been established for a while now in a clinical setting, but new technology is rapidly making this tool available to consumers as well. Check out this short video to get the top down look at HRV.

The folks at Elite HRV have an provided an app for anyone to use as long as you have an appropriate measuring device. Check out www.elitehrv.com to learn more about their products.

I personally use the CorSense HRV monitor and check my readiness score each morning, as well using the biofeedback tool to monitor and improve my HRV. I'll post my readiness score each day to the blog. The app provides a metric ton of data about your HRV, and allows you to see how you compare to others in you age group.